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Our Special Memory Collections are 1” to 2” binders containing 100 to 200 pages of information about the ancestors of a key individual or a couple.  Each is lovingly researched, designed, and presented—and as accurate as we can make it. 

Accuracy is our largest challenge, simply because many of the historical documents we examine are less than accurate.  This is due to a wide variety of factors: hand-written documents, census takers having a bad day, poor preservation of paper records, and dozens of other conditions.

We’ve developed methods to deal with all of these, but the most important thing we have done is to develop a process that involves you, our client.  Essentially, we make sure we understand what you know about your family, and then we compare our work to that, every step of the way.


Here is our process for Special Memory Collections, from start-to-finish:

1. D
etermine your research goals.

2. Define a project and deliverables that will meet your goals.

3. Produce a written quotation or estimate for your project.  A 50% payment/retainer is due upon approval.

4. Complete a Family Questionnaire.  You can fill this out and send it to us, participate in an interview, or make it a family project.  The more identifying information we can get initially, the more thorough we can make your Special Memory Collection.  

5. We’ll complete the list of ancestors going back four generations from the key individual(s).  

6. We will share this information with you to make sure that it makes sense, based on what you know of these lines of ancestors.

7. After you have seen and approved our work in Step 5, we will complete all of the detail in your Special Memory Collection.
Our final research step is to make a GEDCOM file of your project and digital copies (.pdf files) of other important documents and files created by The Memory Man USA.

At this time, we will accept your final payment and release the Special Memory Collection to you.  If you live in the Henderson, Nevada, area it will be our pleasure to deliver your project in person and explain the fine points to you.  Otherwise, we will ship using a traceable method, and we will then be available for a briefing by telephone.


    For our Special Memory Collections, production times vary by complexity, states and countries researched, and by other factors.  Still, we set the following maximum schedule times and we stick to them.  We will deliver your order on time.

    Special Memory Collection A - One key individual with one parent:  3 weeks after we have the completed Family Questionnaire (see Step 4).

    Special Memory Collection B - One key individual with two parents:  4 weeks 

    Special Memory Collection C - Two key individuals (a couple) with two parents each:  6 weeks


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