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We offer several levels of ancestry research and preservation products.  Some products, like our Special Memory Collections, have been carefully pre-designed by our editors to offer great value at a nominal price.  Given our unique research, processing, and assembly methods, these 50 to 400 page books can be rapidly developed.



Our Special Memory Collections are comprehensive books of remembrance that identify and profile several generations of ancestors.  Besides the basics (dates of birth, marriage, and death), we attempt to identify and research all of the following types of information for each ancestor: children, census reports, photographs, places of residence, occupations, military service, stories, places of interment, and anything else of interest that we can find. 


We’ll do the research, design, and layout to make sure your family is tastefully presented.  These books are among the finest, most complete, and most interesting produced in our industry.  All you have to do is decide how extensive you want your Special Memory Collection to be.






Starting Point

1 individual       2 parents

1 individual          2 parents

2 individuals           4 parents

2 individuals           4 parents






Ancestors Profiled










Typical Pages





Base Price





Extra Copy






Every client’s wants and wishes are different, but we can accommodate almost every request.  Here are several examples.


Consult with an Experienced Genealogist.  First hour: $25


Pedigree Chart – A simple “pedigree” chart of lines of descent.  This is a no-frills, starter chart than identifies individuals in the line of descent for a person of interest.  We can start almost anywhere, so the person of interest can be you, your father, your grandmother, or almost anyone else. The standard project looks back four generations to great-great grandparents, and identifies up to 30 ancestors.  Each additional generation doubles the number of individuals identified.

  • Four generations, up to 30 individuals identified. $299 (extra copies: $55)
  • Five generations, up to 62 individuals identified. $499 (extra copies: $75)
  • More than five generations?  Let’s talk.

Penetrate a Research “Block” – Sometimes clients have done commendable research on their own, but then hit a research “block” they just can’t get beyond.  We want to help, so here is our offer: “Challenge us to break through the block.”  If you agree that we’ve been successful, you’ll pay our minimum research fee of $195.  If we haven’t been successful, we’ll tell you what we know, and our work will be free.

Identify All Immigrants – Identification of all ancestors, back to immigrants in your family who arrived as early as the 1600s and 1700s.  $195-295.


Go All the Way Back – One client challenged us to research at least one family “line” as far back as we could.  We were able to explore back 24 generations to the year 1125 A.D. and introduce our client to her ancestors, several French kings and queens.  Call for a quote.


Where Did I Come From? – The miracles of DNA research have made it possible for you to understand your most likely familial roots, even if you are adopted or know only one of your parents, or if there are gaps in your parents’ understanding of their roots.  With a simple cheek swab, you can know.  $295

Have Lots of Grandchildren? – If you have children or grandchildren, you may want them all to have customized versions of your special memory collection—maybe one that features each of them as the key individual in their own collection.  Since most of the research has already been done, these are quite affordable and make gifts that will be treasured forever.  Call for a quote.


Standard Research Rate – For all your needs not defined above.  Per hour: $60


Whatever your research and preservation needs, the Memory Man and his team will deliver great results.  All of these projects are custom designed and custom priced, so please call for an estimate. 


The Memory Man USA


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