Who We Are

The Memory Man USA is a business built on memories—not our own, but yours and those of your family.

Unless preserved in some way, precious family memories tend to drift away as facts get blurry and our loved ones pass. 

Are you the last in line to remember the ancestors that only you knew, or are you  a family memory interested in family history?   If so, opportunity has come knocking.  Now is the time to do what you can to document and preserve precious family memories.

Our process is straightforward.  First, you help us get started with a summary of family members who are still living or recently deceased.  We can then find many others by researching millions of public and private records.  In most cases, we identify relatives going back three or four generations or more.  We provide names, as well as dates of birth, marriage, death, residence, military service, and family history.

We preserve the information we find in a binder that we call a Special Memory Collection.  Special Memory Collections are treasured gifts of love, from one family member to another.

Our Special Memory Collections come in several designs, from affordable treatments of recent history involving a few generations, to more extensive and expensive versions that may go back three or four hundred years.   Here’s part of a note from one happy client:

Wow, I learned an incredible amount about the history of my family.  My Special Memory Collection introduced me to over 300 members of my family tree.  Only about 50 of these were know to me in the beginning.  The Memory Man also found and introduced me to three relatives that I never knew, and who I now talk to via phone and e-mail.  In addition, I discovered the real source of my middle name, found out where my parents lived when they were first married, and traced my spouse’s family back to European aristocracy.

Our three to four week process is simple.  It involves you in the beginning to tell us all you know about the identity of your family members.  We’ll take it from there employing our special connections and memberships to dozens and dozens of research websites, associations, and organizations.  

We will involve you from time to time, to get your ideas and make sure our research aligns with what you know about your family.  Also, we can add your stories, documents, and photographs.  Before you know it, your project will be delivered and will make someone very happy and proud.

Our initial consultation is free.  Once you choose a particular project size, you’ll be asked to half as a retainer and the other half when we deliver your completed project.  We offer both standardized packages and customized research. 

So, if you would like your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren to understand their roots, now is the time.  We have an offering that is just right for you, and if you need extra copies, that can be easily accommodated at an affordable price.

By the way, I'm David P. Crowell, and I am the Memory Man USA.  I live and work in the community of Sun City Anthem in Henderson, Nevada, just a few minutes from City of Las Vegas.

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